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Business Checking Accounts

Custom Fit

BizSmart Analyzed

A high-service, low-fee account for our high-transaction business customers.

If your business processes over 300 items (items deposited, deposits posted or checks paid) per month, originates ACHs or wire transfers through Online Business Banking, or uses ExpressDeposit™, it will be required to have a BizSmart Analyzed account.

BizSmart Analyzed is our business checking account that charges per item, including for debits, credits, deposited items, ACH and wires. However, per-item fees may be offset by earning credit on collected balances or by interest earned on a linked BizSmart Interest account. This means that even if your business has hundreds of items, it may not incur any costs for this account if it maintains a high-enough balance in the BizSmart Analyzed or BizSmart Interest accounts.

Lewiston State Bank's analyzed account fees are among the lowest in the market. We'll prove it by completing a complimentary analysis of your analyzed accounts at other institutions to show you how much you could be saving. Contact us for your free analysis.

Get a line of credit: BizSmart Analyzed customers are eligible for a line of credit*. When your account balance falls short, funds are automatically transferred from the credit line to your account to cover important payments†. Apply for a credit line today.

* Subject to credit approval.

† Fees may apply. See Schedule of Fees.