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Bounce Protection for Business

Have a safety net that doesn't cost you a penny until you use it.

Bounce Protection for Business is an overdraft service that is automatically applied to ATM, debit-card and point-of-sale transactions, as well as to checks, ACH, and recurring automatic bill payments made through your BizSmart™ checking accounts. It can cover your transactions when your checking account has insufficient funds in order to prevent important payments from being missed.

How does Bounce Protection for Business work?

Bounce Protection works like a line of credit ranging from $1,000-$2,000 depending on the type of BizSmart checking account you have. Transactions, including fees, up to the bounce limit ($1,000 for BizSmart Free and BizSmart Small Business, and $2,000 for BizSmart Interest, BizSmart Commercial and BizSmart Money Market) that cannot be covered in your checking account due to insufficient funds, can automatically be covered by Bounce Protection for Businesses.* All you have to do is maintain the account in good standing.†

How do I get Bounce Protection for Business?

Customers with business accounts in good standing already have it! Bounce Protection for Business doesn’t require credit approval, though there may be up to a 30-day waiting period while accounts are reviewed for approval. Once approved, Bounce Protection is automatically applied to checks, ACHs, recurring automatic bill payments, ATM, debit-card and point-of-sale transactions made through your BizSmart Checking accounts.

How do I opt out of Bounce Protection?

You can opt out of Bounce Protection for Business by calling our customer-care team at 800-815-BANK or by completing and returning a Bounce Protection Opt-Out form. If you have completed the form, please deliver it to any bank location or fax to 801-763-6787.

Bounce Protection for Business Flyer

*A $25 fee will apply for each transaction.

† You must bring your account to a positive balance, including the payment of Bank fees charged to your account, at least once every 30 days. We will not pay an overdraft if:

  • Your account is not in good standing (defined as making regular deposits and bringing your account to a positive balance, including payment of all Bank fees charged to your account, at least once every 30 days)
  • There are legal orders, liens, or levies outstanding
  • Your overdrawn balance would exceed the predetermined amount assigned to your account type