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Take your small business to an international level and increase your sales and profits. Whether you want to grow your exports or begin exporting, there may be financing available to help.

Export Express Loan Program

This program offers streamlined financing up to $500,000. It is the simplest export loan product offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and allows participating lenders to use their own forms and procedures. Export Express can take the form of a term loan or a revolving line of credit.

Funds can be used to participate in a foreign trade show, support standby letters of credit and translate product literature for use in foreign markets. You may also use funds to finance specific export orders, expand product facilities, and purchase equipment inventory or real estate.

SBA determines eligibility and since Lewiston State Bank has preferred lender status on this type of loan, so we can provide approval in-house.

Export Working Capital Program

This program offers financing up to $5 million as a credit enhancement. This program is delivered through SBA senior international credit officers located in U.S. Export Assistance Centers. The Export Working Capital (EWC) loan provides advances for up to $5 million to fund export transactions from purchase order collections. This loan has a low guaranty fee and quick processing time.

Use of proceeds:
  • Financing for suppliers, inventory, work in progress, or production of export goods or services
  • Working capital to support foreign accounts receivable during long payment cycles
  • Financing for stand-by letters of credit used as bid or performance bonds or as down-payment guarantees

This loan, once approved by the bank, must be submitted to the Export Assistance Center in Denver, so the time to complete is somewhat longer.

International Trade Loan Program

This program offers financing for fixed assets and working capital to businesses that plan to start or continue exporting, or that have been adversely affected by competition from imports. The borrower may use loan proceeds to acquire, construct, renovate, modernize, improve or expand facilities and equipment to be used in the United States to produce goods or services involved in international trade and to develop and penetrate foreign markets. Funds also may be used to refinance an existing loan.

We will be able to operate under the preferred lender status on this loan as well, so this loan should be approved in-house.

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