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Home-Equity Lines of Credit

Put your home-equity to work for you.

Homeowners with greater than 25% equity may qualify for a home-equity loan or line of credit in which the home serves as collateral.* The borrowed money—up to 75% the value of the home—can be used for any lawful purpose, such as to consolidate debt, make home improvements, pay for medical expenses, or as a backup in case of emergencies.

Lewiston State Bank's home-equity lines of credit (“HELOCs”) are open-ended, revolving lines of credit, like a credit card. If you are looking for a second mortgage that is closed-ended, visit our mortgage page. On our HELOCs, interest is charged only on the portion of your credit line that is outstanding, and you may draw money from your loan or pay down the balance as much as you like at any time during the term.

To see how much you qualify for, just use this simple calculation:

Home value x 0.75 = Loan value


Loan value – home mortgage balance = Max. loan amount

Contact us to learn more about obtaining a home equity loan or line of credit.

* Subject to credit approval