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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll my Lewiston State Bank VISA® debit card for smsGuardian?

To enroll please visit the smsGuardian website to enroll.Return to top

Is there a service fee for using smsGuardian?

No. smsGuardian is provided free of charge by Lewiston State Bank.*Return to top

How long is the enrollment?

Unless you unsubscribe, your enrollment for smsGuardian is 12 months.Return to top

Will I receive a renewal notification?

A renewal notification will be sent to each device you have enrolled in the service six days prior to the yearly expiration date. Three renewal attempts will be made before the service is set to expire. If you do not respond, the device is removed from smsGuardian at expiration. Return to top

Are there security features in place to protect cardholder information?

Full cardholder information is NEVER included in a text. The last four digits of the card number are displayed in the text. The short message service is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.Return to top

What happens if I don't reply to a text?

If no confirmed response is received within 12 hours, the text message expires and smsGuardian considers the transaction valid. You need to respond to a text only if you did not make the transaction in question.Return to top

What will the text message look like? How will I know it's from Lewiston State Bank?

The beginning of the text message will feature the initials “BAF” for Lewiston State Bank. These initials are also known as the bank's short name. The message will also include the last 4 digits of the card used, along with the dollar amount of the transaction. You need to respond only if you DID NOT make the transaction. Reply exactly as directed. A fraud reply will BLOCK your card from further use and require that you contact the bank to obtain a new card and complete a written dispute form.Return to top

If I send a "NO" response, how long will it take for the card to be blocked from further use?

A "NO" response receives the highest priority in the Risk Management/Fraud department and the next available fraud analyst will receive the case and block the card.Return to top

How do I report a lost or stolen card?

To report fraud or suspicious activity, please contact customer service at 1-800-815-BANK (2265) or visit a bank locations.Return to top

*Message and Data Rates may apply from your wireless carrier. The anti-fraud alert service is free. To view the Terms and Conditions of this program, please log into the smsGuardian website for information. After initial sign-up to this service, you may discontinue the receipt of alerts immediately by texting the word "STOP" in reply to a Guardian Alert. Visit the smsGuardian website if you wish to unsubscribe entirely from this service after initial sign-up. Please be advised that these alerts do not replace regular personal monitoring of your accounts. If you ever suspect that a transaction may be fraudulent, please contact our Deposit Operations Call Center immediately at 1-800-815-BANK (2265).

smsGuardian is a trademark of JHA Payment Processing Solutions, Inc.

VISA® is a federally registered trademark of Visa.